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as a family

At Legacy Memorials, we understand the importance of healing as a family. Losing a loved one is never easy, and we believe that coming together as a family during these challenging times can provide solace and comfort. That's why we offer special discounts for family ordering, ensuring that you can cherish the memories and honor your loved ones together.

We offer a discount to those looking to order multiple items. Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

  • 10% off 3 items or more
  • 15% off 6 items or more
  • 20% off 10 items or more

Healing takes time

Healing takes time and every family member plays a vital role in the process.

Legacy is rooted in empathy, aiming to provide a gentle and comforting experience during this difficult time. We are here to guide you through the ordering process, offering support and understanding at every step.

Allow us to help you honor your loved ones and celebrate the strength of your family's love with our exquisite memorial jewelry.

Creating Your family order

Contact Family

Reach out to your family who may be interested in purchasing a Legacy Pet Memorial in memory of your pet and share our site with them.

Start Your Order

Ask them to send you links and customization details of what they would like to order. When all orders are in, click "checkout"


It is easiest to create your order under one name. You can have each family member contact us for payment, or pay in one single payment.


All items in the order will ship free to one address, however, items can be shipped individually if required. Please contact for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Family Ordering Questions